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On Youtube since 2009, making music and playing songs of some of his influences. You can also access the channel at the next button:

Youtube Channel

SIXSTRINGS – ‘Kids of the War’ Official Video


SIXSTRINGS – ‘Frankie’ Official Video


SIXSTRINGS – ‘Living Out of Time’ Official Video


SIXSTRINGS – ‘Mistery of Life’ Official Video


SIXSTRINGS Stars – Sixx:A.M. Acoustic Cover


SIXSTRINGS My Kinda Girl – Chickenfoot Cover – Live! in BoeSessions


SIXSTRINGS Easy Rider Live! in BoeSessions


SIXSTRINGS goes Irish! Spancil Hill (Traditional) 


SIXSTRINGS interview and live performing on the radio! 


Exclusive performances from the album ‘Cries Of The Soul’



‘Rainbows All Over Your Blues’ 


New album ‘Cries Of The Soul’


‘Tuttle’s Reel’ – [Official Video] from the new album ‘Cries Of The Soul’


Eruption Guitar Solo Live by Jozzy Sixstrings!!


Black Sabbath Cover – Paranoid Live with Rock On!!


Acoustic Cover – Game Of Thrones Soundtrack!


Eruption – Eddie Van Halen Cover


Luar Na Lubre – O Son Do Ar (Mike Oldfield – The Song Of The Sun) Acoustic Cover


No Boundaries – Michael Angelo Batio Cover


Pachelbel’s Canon in Electric Guitar